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Malt is home to every type of tech-related activity. Choose the freelancer that will get your project moving.


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    Verified experts

     Get a detailed view on each freelancer’s expertise by looking at their skills, experiences and recommendations from previous clients. We ask all our freelancers to upload up-to-date legal documents. Learn more about our verification process.  


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    Rapid, precise, powerful: the best
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    Finding freelancers made easy

    Your criteria, your budget, your project. Our search engine helps you find the freelancers you need all on your own.


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    Trust in Malt Plus
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    Malt Plus is a unique combination of recruitment experts and advanced artificial intelligence to find the best freelancers, without wasting your time.


    95% of all clients receive replies from freelancers within 24hrs
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    Our teams work for you

    They offer you a winning for formula:

    • Need help pinpointing the best profiles for your projects? Our recruitment experts are here to assist you throughout your search and guarantee you will find just what you're looking for.
    • Malt freelancing specialists will support you in adopting these new work methods and manage change. They help you come up with a roadmap to get your employees on board and optimize how you manage you freelancers over time.
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    Save on commissions, not on quality

    At Malt, there are no outrageous commissions or overhead fees. Freelancers are paid fairly and you save up to 20% compared to traditional providers.

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    Make the best decisions when hiring freelancers

    Powerful and user-friendly, Malt Insights is the best tool for managing all your organization's freelance activities: better data pooling, improved security. You are finally back in control.

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