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Dive into the talent pool

End-to-end collaboration with freelancers has never been easier

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Match with top talent

Browse profiles directly or let our matching algorithm do the work for you. Get a response in a few hours and assess options with your team.

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Hire in full transparency

Discuss project details through the chat and negotiate rates directly, without an intermediary. 100% of freelancers are verified and have up-to-date work status.

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Start projects securely in a few clicks

Quotes accepted on Malt are fully covered by our insurance and benefit from payment security as well as verified legal compliance.

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Remove administrative headaches

Review timesheets, then mark the project as complete. Funds are transferred to your freelancer and the invoice is sent to your finance department.

Your one-stop shop for freelancer management

Build your company’s talent pool

Centralize all freelancers in your network, whether they’re already on Malt or not, and maintain a growing pool of go-to talent.

Hiring managers can easily source both from talent you’ve already worked with and from our marketplace, reducing time-to-staffing thanks to a unified hiring process. Grant access to every hiring stakeholder in your company, with unlimited users at no extra cost.

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Streamline payroll & control costs

  • Simplify your payment workflows and keep your freelancers happy: Pay Malt within 30 or 45 days, and we ensure freelancers are paid promptly at the end of a project.
  • Maintain control over spending thanks to customized budget alerts and spending thresholds.
  • Benefit from less paperwork for your finance and purchasing teams: Only one provider reference is required to pay invoices.

Get real-time analytics

Live data on your freelancer workforce allows hiring managers to run day-to-day activities, while department heads gain full visibility of freelancer activities.

Access quotes, freelancer profiles, current projects, expenses, and invoices using our intuitive dashboard, and assign permissions to different team members.

Reduce risk

Our freelancer registration process ensures freelancer compliance, with the verification of registration numbers and legal documentation. Based on your project briefs and special terms, we automatically create contracts for all your freelancer projects, so your business can work with a global network of freelancers and with peace of mind.

All contracts, NDAs, intellectual property, ethics, cybersecurity terms, freelancer documents and activity reports are stored automatically. Download them any time you need.

Data security is our number one priority

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Single Sign-On

Control who can access Malt via your company's Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication security policies. Compatible with industry-wide security standards.

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Data encryption

All communications on Malt are protected by the most advanced data encryption standards. No documents can be accessed without authorization.

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GDPR compliance

Your data is protected in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Integrate with ease

Our platform integrates with leading purchasing and e-procurement systems (like SAP, Coupa, ivalua). Plug Malt into your existing system to streamline processes across the board.

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