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Your ticket to more transparent freelancer-client relationships

With Malt, you build direct relationships with the freelancers you work with. The contracts you sign are between you and the freelancer's legally viable business. There are no intermediaries whatsoever.

Always on your own terms

The freelancers you choose to work with are in compliance with your company's terms and conditions. From privacy to intellectual property rights to personal data security, your bases are always covered with Malt.

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Malt Corporate customers have the option to import their own General Terms and Conditions and other service agreements directly into their Malt account.

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Your privacy, personal data, intellectual property, ethics, and cybersecurity terms are communicated to freelancers before the start of each project.

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All contract signing on Malt is done online to save time and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

A trusted model for collaborating with freelancers

- On freelancing and business liability:

An employer's liability does not apply to third-party service providers, whether you work with freelancers, sub-contractors, or agency-provided temporary workers. No contract or intermediary can mitigate the legal risks of concealed work, making freelancing no less risky than other third-party-provided services.

- On matters of subordination:

Only the contractual terms and conditions of a specific freelance project can stipulate the parameters of the (subordinate) working relationship between a company and its hired freelancers. This means companies must be vigilant in managing the execution of project-based services to avoid a breach of contract of any kind.

Protected from the risk of illegal assignment of employees

The relationship that Malt has with its freelance community is not based on any employment contract whatsoever. The freelancers on Malt are not Malt employees. They each operate independent businesses of their own. When working with freelancers on Malt, you enter a direct contractual relationship with them. No personnel is ever supplied by Malt.

The risk of illegal assignment of employees is nonexistent.

Simplify how your company works with freelancers

Peace of mind, guaranteed

- Every freelancer on Malt is covered by Hiscox RC Pro insurance when on assignment, up to €5M per claim.

- Our team will find you a new freelancer within 48 hours if a freelance relationship is terminated before project completion.

- There are no subscriptions or long-term commitments. If a project is ever terminated before its completion, you will only pay for the actual work realized.

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Improved oversight

With Malt Insights, our company-level reporting and freelancer management solution, you get a snapshot of all your freelancer activities and expenses in one place. You can even set budget limits and receive alerts to avoid exceeding budgets.

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Due diligence

Managing all of your freelance activities on Malt gives you easy, centralized access to all of the legal documents and contracts associated with your hired freelancers.

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Open business model

Malt is an open platform founded on the promise of non-exclusivity. Freelancers can carry out several projects for multiple clients at once and companies are free to work with several freelancers on different projects based on their business needs.

Transparency is simply a good business practice

The more information you have about your freelancers, including their legal standing and their history working with your company, the better you can manage how projects are carried out by them over the long term. This deeper level of transparency provided by Malt makes it easier for all parts of your business, from accounting to operations to human resources, to manage freelance-related activities in a much more streamlined way.

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Malt works with specialized law firms in every country we operate. As a Malt customer, you get exclusive access to attend our ongoing series of legal events that cover various topics and themes related to today's freelance ecosystem.