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  1. Find freelancers that suit you best among thousands of qualified and local profiles, verified by Malt and rated by our clients, thanks to our powerful search engine.

  2. Describe your project. Share your project details, and either send it directly to a selection of freelancers or let our matching tool do the work for you. It's free!

  3. Receive non-binding offers. The freelancers you contacted will get back to you with a detailed offer within 48h. No obligation for you to accept it.

  4. Accept the best offer. Found the right fit? Once you validate the quote, the project starts. Payment is done securely via Malt, we add a small fee for our services.

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  • Choose the people you work with

    Our intelligent matching and search tools guarantee you the best-fitted freelancers for your project. You can browse among the talents available directly or post a job to receive the best candidates - either way you chose who you want to work with.

  • Verified and evaluated experts

    Legal documents compliant with standards, evaluations, and recommendations done by companies: Freelancers on Malt are always assessed for their seriousness and expertise. Find German experts near you, available to work in your office or remotely. Access to their daily rates and availability.

  • Transparent & Secure

    Quote, contract, invoice, payment: everything is done via Malt, guaranteeing full security and administrative simplicity for your project. Depending on your pricing plan, we charge a small service fee split between client (0-12%) and freelancer (0-9%). An AXA RC Pro insurance has all your projects covered. Learn more about our offers.

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