Super Hero Malter

Malt’s version of Super Heroes
(but capes and tights are optional)

Super Malters are experienced freelancers with a proven track record of success. They are experts in their field, and their clients are their biggest fans. And we are too!

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Let's uncover the secret power that makes Super Malters so sought-after by clients:

Super Malters are the most active users of the Malt Marketplace. They run projects regularly on the platform and are identified with their badge going from 1 to 3.

They are experts in their category

They have a rating of at least 4.5 and clients recognize their expertise and trust them to deliver high-quality work.

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They manage a lot of projects on Malt

The Super Malter program has 3 levels, going from 1 to 3. It’s pretty simple to go from one to the other: the more projects they complete on Malt, the more points they earn, the more they will level up!

So what does the Super Malter experience look like?

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Super Malter profiles are viewed 30% more on average than other profiles on Malt. Their special badge is the recognition of their expertise and loyalty to Malt.

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Super Malters are more likely to be hired for projects and to attract high-quality opportunities. Clients can choose to filter their search results to only show Super Malters.

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Super Malters are invited to exclusive events where they can network with other freelancers, learn new skills, and grow your businesses.

Become a Super Malter, the hero of the freelance world!

Here’s what you need to do:

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Complete your profile

Our profile is the centerpiece of your growth. Make sure it's a 100% filled out to get the opportunities you deserve.

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Sign the freelancer charter

Every project on Malt must comply with the charter. It's Malt's way of protecting the entire community, clients and freelancers alike.

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Build customer loyalty

On subsequent projects with the same client, you'll earn bonus points for your commitment.

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Run projects on Malt

Every project you complete on Malt earns you points towards reaching Super Malter status. Points are calculated on a 12-month rolling basis. You either accept project opportunities from Malt or work with your own clients through Malt to centralize your projects.

Handing you over the mic!

Testimonial from Samira Abbach, Super Malt 3

Being a "Super Malter" means greater visibility, the chance to cultivate your reputation thanks to positive feedback; but also the opportunity to work on a wider range of projects, turning every assignment into an exceptional adventure!

Samira AbbachSuper Malt 3

Become a Super Malter today!