Unlock Additional Income with Malt’s Business Referral Program

Refer a project and earn 5%

A simple way to earn a referral bonus and make your clients happy by referring project opportunities at Malt.

How does it work?

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Start earning money! 

  • The project must have a minimum budget of €3,000
  • The client hasn’t already contacted Malt’s team to submit the project opportunity, or carried out a search on Malt for this project opportunity
  • As a referring freelancer or consultant, you must have a freelancer account on Malt, and have filled in your business settings in order to be paid
  • For a one-off project: payment is made once the client has paid for their project.
  • For a long-term project: payment is made on a monthly basis, once the client has paid for their project.

Good news! If the client and the freelancer decide to extend the project or collaborate on another project within 12 months after the acceptance of the quote, you’ll still be rewarded!