Freelancer code of conduct
Since the very beginning, Malt, a platform created by freelancers, has been thought of as a platform for a community, offering everyone the possibility to develop their activity and reputation freely. This approach is based on commitment to our core values and the guarantee of your professionalism.
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1. Create an honest and accurate profile

I aim to provide accurate information regarding my identity, location, legal status, availability, skills and experience. A precise and detailed description attracts clients and contributes to the success of my projects.
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2. Work with a true sense of professionalism

I aim to respond quickly to proposals I receive, fulfil any commitments and ensure the quality of my work, while ensuring good communication. I am contributing to my reputation and that of all freelancers on Malt!
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3. Respect the privilege of direct relationships

Subcontractors and the agencies have no place on Malt. I myself carry out the missions entrusted to me by clients, guaranteeing a direct, transparent and trustworthy relationship.
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4. Carry out my projects on Malt

Malt puts you in touch with new clients. I aim to carry out my various missions with these clients via Malt, therefore increasing my visibility in the search engine. Developing my reputation also allows me to increase my rate.
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5. Leave honest client feedback

I aim to leave honest, courteous and professional comments. They are representative of the progress of my missions. If I wish to report something, I won't hesitate to contact the Malt team.
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6. Choose my projects for the right reasons

I aim to accept assignments that are not based on my clients' gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, health status or family situation. Freelancers and clients work together for the success of their projects, only professional criteria is to be considered.