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Thousands of clients send out project proposals on Malt. There is one for every sector.

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Define your pricing, work preferences, and availability for each project. You're the one who decides.

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On Malt, customers contact you directly with their project proposals. You are free to accept or refuse. There is no middleman.

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A simple and secure service

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It only takes a few minutes to create a profile that will attract the attention of thousands of clients - and make your parents proud.

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Have a question? Our support team will answer you online. A little uh-oh? All your projects are insured by AXA.

Your projects are insured up to 20M€

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Join our various online sessions on career development topics where we bring the freelancer community together.



Participate in training sessions, meetups, and webinars organized by Malt and our partners - over 200 events per year. Grow as a business and improve how you manage projects.


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Meet with fellow freelancers at Aftermalt events, gatherings organized by freelancers for freelancers all over France.