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Malt Plus is a unique combination between advanced artificial intelligence and freelancer specialists to find you the best talent, the quickest way possible.

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A top notch selection process to find the best talent out there

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Based on your project, our AI will analyze thousands of profiles in just a few minutes and select those that best match your needs.

Verified by our experts*

Our recruitment experts review, narrow down, and validate the selection of freelancers who will be sent the assignment. They are then contacted directly on your behalf, and you have nothing else to do.

* Service reserved for Advanced & Corporate clients

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Within a few hours, you will receive responses from available freelancers in your inbox. Discuss with them, choose one, and your project is ready to go!

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You have (almost) nothing to do!
Our artificial intelligence analyzes thousands of profiles for you in record time and your project is immediately suggested to a selection of the best freelancers responding to your needs.

470.000 profiles analyzed in just a few minutes

More support*

Our Malt experts provide continuous
support to make sure:

  • your project is attractive for freelancers
  • the right profiles are qualified by our AI
  • your sourcing needs are quickly finalized

* Service reserved for Advanced & Corporate clients

Find the needle in a haystack

With Malt Plus, gain first hand access to all freelancers on Malt, including the most sought after profiles that are readily available