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No need to pay the freelancer a deposit, you pre-pay at the beginning of the project and validate the transfer of funds after you have received and validated your deliverables.

With our Corporate offer, you can benefit from invoice-specific payment terms. You pay according to your usual deadlines. We take care of paying the freelancer at the end of the project via our factoring partner so that they are paid within 5 working days.

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Simple administrative management

Malt centralizes payments, all you have to do is register one supplier, and one IBAN, for all your freelance services.

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On Malt, you sign a service contract directly with your freelancer without any intermediary. You are in control of the entire time, from the moment you contact them to the moment the project is validated.

A collaboration that respects your own terms

As part of our Corporate offer, you can integrate your General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and/or your service contracts into your Malt space. Your conditions will be automatically displayed to freelancers before each assignment.

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